Beard Butter | Discovery Set
Beard Butter | Discovery Set

Beard Butter | Discovery Set


**Summer Shipping Notice: If your butter has melted in transit to a warm climate due to its all natural ingredients, simply place it in the fridge for 45 mins to resolidify. These temperature changes may alter the appearance but never the quality or potency of your product.**

Discovering your signature scent is a journey, and our five-scent Beard Butter Discovery Set is your compass. This thoughtfully curated trio not only saves you money and reduces packaging waste but also invites you to explore, to find the fragrance that resonates with your unique narrative.

At the heart of this exploration is our Beard Butter, a multifaceted elixir that embodies versatility. Like a well-crafted utility knife, it adapts to your needs—whether it's deep conditioning your beard, taming unruly hair, soothing dry skin, or providing solace to weathered hands during the frigid months.

Crafted from a unique blend of shea and mango butter, this rich, creamy balm penetrates deep into your beard, softening even the most rebellious whiskers. But its magic goes beyond mere softening. As it absorbs, it transforms your beard, bestowing it with a fuller, more robust appearance and a healthy, lustrous sheen.

Choose Your Scent:

Citrus Tonic: Sun-kissed grapefruit meets vanilla's warmth in an invigorating blend. For the optimist.
Fresh Woods: 
Dark patchouli and amber, sparked by pepper and rosemary, evoke rugged forests. For the old soul.
Smoke Haus: 
Tobacco's whisper, cedarwood's strength, and vanilla's wisdom create quiet depth. For the thinker.
Kings Ave: 
African musk and oud wood, crowned with amber, embody timeless leadership. For the achiever.
Unscented, yet profound. Your own essence, a legacy continued. For the self-assured.

                      All-natural | 100% Vegan | Proudly Made in Indianapolis, IN