Our Story

Jamal & Ali Abdulrasheed, Co-Founders

From Humble Beginnings to Deep Roots

Magnolia Green Grooming Co. was born out of a desire to celebrate family, legacy, and quality. When two brothers in Indianapolis sought to honor their late grandmother, a revered matriarch who instilled values of courage and hope, Magnolia Green Grooming Co. was rooted. 
Their grandmother's magnolia trees, hardy and resilient through adversity, inspired the name. Her love of Al Green's soulful music became a reminder to find joy. And her journey from Mississippi to Indiana in pursuit of a better life laid the foundation of perseverance.
Armed with these meaningful origins, Magnolia Green Grooming Co. nurtured a mission - to cultivate deeply rooted men. The brothers set out to elevate grooming and wellbeing, tackling issues like anxiety, trauma, and self-doubt. They tended carefully to men's needs, providing natural products to soothe mind, body and spirit.
Today, Magnolia Green Grooming Co. has blossomed across the country, staying true to its founding principles. Original recipes, sustainably sourced ingredients, and recyclable packaging keep quality a priority. Holistic health remains central to the brand, equipping men to thrive.
Magnolia Green Grooming Co. holds fast to its roots, allowing customers to feel part of a meaningful heritage. Like strong magnolia trees weathering storms with resilience, Magnolia Green Grooming Co. equips men to do the same. The soulful spirit of family lives on.

Our Grandmother's Magnolia tree blossoming in the spring.