5 Lessons on Fatherhood from Our Co-Founder Ali

5 Lessons on Fatherhood from Our Co-Founder Ali

My name is Ali Abdulrasheed and I am the Co-Founder of Magnolia Green Grooming Co. I am a father of a 12 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. In honor of Father’s Day weekend,  I spent some time reflecting on my experience as a father. Realizing that every day of fatherhood is filled with learning and opportunities for growth, and I’ve decided to share 5 lessons that I’ve learned along the way.

Lesson #1: Patience is a virtue.

 Patience has been an important quality for me to develop as my son has matured. I recognize that when I’m patient with him I can gather more information and help him along with his journey. Patience helps me improve my parenting skills through teaching my children with my level-headed mindset. Particularly with my two year old daughter, who is more sensitive than my son was an requires a calmer approach.

Lesson #2:  You will never be ready. 

Sometimes people say they don’t think they will be ready to be a dad. I was never really ready. However, I was prepared and if you are prepared to lead, teach, and love a child, you’re ready enough in my book.

Lesson #3: Sacrifices will be made.

Since i’ve been a father, sacrifice has developed a new meaning in my life. I’ve had to make sacrifices in multiple areas of my life in order to provide and be present in my children’s lives. Ultimately, when I’ve made those sacrifices, the benefits reaped from those sacrifices improved the wellbeing of my family ten-fold. 

Lesson #4: The Power of Love

Ah the power of love...My love for my children is  unconditional. Kids need to hear and experience your love daily.

Lesson #5: Check ins and Listening are Key. 

Fatherhood taught me to not only teach and check in with my children, but also to simply listen to them. The belief that I know everything in this world as an adult isn’t necessarily true. My children are uniquely different from each other and I have learned a lot from them while growing with them. Fatherhood has humbled me and allowed me to approach each one of my children Independently as individuals to teach, learn from and grow with. 

“Expand with the universe.. Life is constantly changing. And so are my children. So my personal growth is non-negotiable if I am to leave a legacy.” 

- Ali Abdulrasheed, Co-Founder, Magnolia Green Grooming Co.